BEST Ceviche

in New York

Locally Sourced × Crafted with Love


Mission Ceviche Celebrate Peruvian culture and community through food.


Celebrating Peruvian culture and community through food. Mission Ceviche is here to connect People, culture and diversity to New York food markets. For the past century Asian and African immigrants settled in Peru resulting in the development of an amazing culinary destination. Peruvian food is considered for the past year by the American Restaurant Association the number one food trend in the US. We are introducing a traditional and modern interpretation to one of the world’s most loved food trend, Raw, Fresh and healthy.

Mission Ceviche supports its community by working with local Vendors and farms to source the best produce and ingredients. We also collaborate with local artists for interior installations and other creative concepts. Mission Ceviche is a modern international space representing creative expression, individuality, and innovation in its cuisine and environment.

We offer a gourmet product at an exceptional value.

Bringing gourmet Ceviche with fast casual dining, you will be able to have a fine dining experience at a price and pace to go.





West Village

Gansevoort Market

353 W 14th St,

New York, NY 10014

Open daily



(347) 821-6359






Canal Street Market

265 Canal St,

New York, NY 10013

Open daily



(347) 821-6359